3 Ways to Update Your Life

Think you have the haps on the latest trends? Think again—you could be outdated and don’t even realize it. First off, no one is saying “haps” anymore. Secondly, here are three easy ways to update your life, your look and your liquor.

No: You’re still ordering vodka-7s.

Yes: Let’s revise your cocktail of choice to not include a type of soda pop, at least in the name, mmkay? What’s old is new again—order the French75, a mix of gin, champagne, fresh lemon juice and a little sugar. It may sound girly, but it’s named after a type of artillery used by France in World War I.

No: You’re wearing pleated khakis and you don’t work at a kiosk in the mall.

Yes: You’re should be wearing a khaki cape. According to PopSugar, Fashion Week told us that safari chic is in. What does that mean? Khaki capes (think long jackets, but more flowy), fern prints and camo green made elegant (blouses, cocktail dresses). Do you look like you’re about to go on a jeep tour of the African bush while sipping a martini? Then you’re doing it right.

No: You’re lugging around a shopping bag big enough to hold a VCR and you’re calling it a purse.

Yes: Stop using a VCR. Then, stop carrying your life around everywhere you go. The word of the day is “clutch,” aka, something small and dainty that doesn’t overwhelm your look or your back. Also, Vogue has informed us that us that literacy is trending, especially in the accessories arena (think: bags with words on them). If their recommended Edie Parker Flavia Namaste clutch for almost $1,500 is a bit out of your shopping budget, try the Tres Chic linen clutch from Etsy (just $44).

To help downsize, ditch the bulky wallet—a stylish Havakk iPhone 6 case does the duty of both protecting your iPhone from wayward cocktail spills while also holding your cash money and ID securely inside.

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