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Fresh Fall Color Combos 2015

This fall, take a page from the book of style and try some new color combos to make your look pop. It doesn’t take a genious to create a stand-out look, but it does take a little creativity and certainly a sense of adventure and fun. If you want to be ahead of trends, take a look at the color combinations that will be trending this fall and don’t forget to remember the accessories.

Pink and White

pink outfit

Most people may think pastels are a summer thing. And of course, we all know the rule “no white after Labor Day”. But as this outfit proves, a simple statement piece, along with a step outside the rules, can and will shake things up in the best possible way. For more on the Pastel color trend for fall, check out this article:

And, with technology becoming more and more a part of our everyday lives, what better way to accessorize such a statement? Well, come on now, you knew we were going to go there 😉 Havakk Pink and White iPhone 6 Wallet Case


Red and Black

Red is one of the most feminine colors and of course powerful colors, with its sensual and elegant appeal. This fall it’s expected to become a HUGE trend. Especially in outerwear.

red capeWe absolutely love this sexy take on the whole “little red riding hood” theme. Designers Dolce & Gabbana, Badgley Mischka, Alberta Ferretti, DKNY and Versace are all showcasing bright red in their fall lines this year.You may have to fend off more than a few wolves, but hey, it’s all in a day’s work for the modern fairy tale heroine.

And as for accessories? Well, this ain’t your grandma’s phone case: Havakk Red and Black iPhone 6 Wallet Case

For more on the red and black color trend, check out this article:


It’s All There in Black and White. Except for that splash of color.

It appears shades of grey (no matter how many) can get a bit bland. Black and white were the hot trend setters during fall fashion week this year, with lots of bold, geometric prints dominating the runway. Throw in just a splash of lemon, lime or hot pink? And the effect is mesmorizing. Designers Giambattista Valli, yeah, the man behind Amal Clooney’s weekend wedding looks, and Jean Paul Gaultier both debuted bold black and white looks for fall:

And these two can help add that splash (and yes, a little Havakk) to any autumn ensemble: Havakk White and Yellow iPhone 6 Wallet Case, Havakk Black and Green iPhone 6 Wallet Case

3 Ways to Update Your Life

Think you have the haps on the latest trends? Think again—you could be outdated and don’t even realize it. First off, no one is saying “haps” anymore. Secondly, here are three easy ways to update your life, your look and your liquor.

No: You’re still ordering vodka-7s.

Yes: Let’s revise your cocktail of choice to not include a type of soda pop, at least in the name, mmkay? What’s old is new again—order the French75, a mix of gin, champagne, fresh lemon juice and a little sugar. It may sound girly, but it’s named after a type of artillery used by France in World War I.

No: You’re wearing pleated khakis and you don’t work at a kiosk in the mall.

Yes: You’re should be wearing a khaki cape. According to PopSugar, Fashion Week told us that safari chic is in. What does that mean? Khaki capes (think long jackets, but more flowy), fern prints and camo green made elegant (blouses, cocktail dresses). Do you look like you’re about to go on a jeep tour of the African bush while sipping a martini? Then you’re doing it right.

No: You’re lugging around a shopping bag big enough to hold a VCR and you’re calling it a purse.

Yes: Stop using a VCR. Then, stop carrying your life around everywhere you go. The word of the day is “clutch,” aka, something small and dainty that doesn’t overwhelm your look or your back. Also, Vogue has informed us that us that literacy is trending, especially in the accessories arena (think: bags with words on them). If their recommended Edie Parker Flavia Namaste clutch for almost $1,500 is a bit out of your shopping budget, try the Tres Chic linen clutch from Etsy (just $44).

To help downsize, ditch the bulky wallet—a stylish Havakk iPhone 6 case does the duty of both protecting your iPhone from wayward cocktail spills while also holding your cash money and ID securely inside.

10 Texts You Should Never Send from

Pause. What are you texting and to whom right now? Have you had more than three cocktails? Did you just watch When Harry Met Sally? Is the text longer than your last college term paper? Are you sure you’re texting “BFF” and not “Boss?” Do you feel your text has been properly vetted because you just ran it past your dog and his look said, “Definitely. Hit ‘Send’ immediately you brilliant, texting genius.”

There’s nothing worse than an impetuous text gone awry. You’re certain you’ve come off light, quirky, charming and adorable … until five minutes passes with no response from the recipient. Then, you start to ponder if you have actually come off as a peculiar little bird who, you realize too late, is also horrible at spelling ALL THE WORDS.

On behalf of Havakk, let us help you not be the latter with these 10 texts we think should probably never be sent.

1. Hey, just wondering if you got my message from earlier? Or yesterday’s message? Worried your phone’s not working. Or, maybe mine’s not working? I’ll stop by later. Or call me.
Just….gawd… no. One text. One call. That’s all, and then you’re cut off.

2. K.
The one-word text is a special kind of infuriating. It says, “I got your text and I care just enough to hit one key, two if you count ‘send.’ I’m a sadist.”

3. [Insert picture of NSFW body part here.]
If it’s not your smiling face, think about this image living in infamy for all time on someone else’s phone. If you simply can’t control the urge, then just take a close-up picture of your upper arm pressed against your side and play Armpit or Buttcrack? Never gets old.

4. Met you Saturday at Chipotle Speed Dating Night. Drinks this weekend?   
Really? You want to ask someone out but you can’t be bothered to actually speak to them? Minus 10 classy points my friend.

5. I’m only dating blondes now.   
In the same vein, the text breakup is in no way, shape or form acceptable.

6. Lez get 2gether 2nite wot time ur hottie bf.   
Wait, what? You owe it to humanity to take the extra five seconds and write out all the words, vowels included.

7. My cat just puked. #gross #meow #orangeclumps   
Hashtags are for Twitter, not texting. They’re unnecessary … much like this text.

8. I miss youuuuuuuuuuuuuu. xoxoxoxo   
When this goes to an ex, a one-night-stand from eight months ago or someone you just had a first date with last night, you’ve just committed a fail, my friend—one you will regret as soon as that tequila wears off.

9. :–)) :# :0)  
You have a double chin, braces and a big nose? Can you just use entire words again, please?

10. Hey mom, hope your casserole turned out OK. Thanks for sending me that Columbus Day card. It was really thoughtful. Enjoy Murder She Wrote reruns tonight!
Call your parents. They want to hear your voice. Plus, an unofficial study found that 62% of parents believed they should turn their phone off when not in use, meaning they won’t get your texts until they turn it back on the next time you come to visit.

Here Comes the Sun: 6 To-Dos Before Summer

By now, you’ve probably gotten the memo: Summer is right around the corner! Golly gee—does that happen every year after spring? Well, hot damn.

Nevermind the fact that some of us are still wearing foldover mittens and giving the evil eye to the snowfall that just graced our lawns the night before. Sucks to be you, a quarter of the country. Let’s look at the bright side, shall we? Winter overstaying its welcome just means more prep and planning time for the BEST. SUMMER. EVER.

As such, Havakk would like to help you organize your summer To Do list. Let’s get started, shall we?

1. Spa day! Most likely, your skin hasn’t seen the outside of sweatpant material in a few months. Ladies and gents could benefit from an exfoliating body treatment that scrubs off the winter and preps skin for the sun. For those looking for extra torture in the name of beauty, waxing is also something to consider. Finish off with a new haircut and style, and a nail color that has a word like “peony” or “blossom” in its name.

2. Dress like a sunbeam. Fashion experts are predicting yellow to be the “in” summer shade in 2015. Depending on your skin tone (because yellow can be a little tricky), you can go with a darker, mustard yellow or a vibrant, neon yellow to brighten up your closet. May we suggest this Light of Life Yellow Maxi from Lulu’s?

3. Ugh, suit shopping. We’re not talking business suits here, either. Much like waxing, swimsuit shopping must be done, so may as well start now. We suggest sandwiching it between cocktail hours. If you’re not feeling bikini-ready, fear not—this Dark Floral Ruffle Strap One-Piece from VS is still sexy while adding a bit more coverage.

4. Sign up for summer camp. We’re not just talking about kiddos here, either. Summer camps exist for adults, too — everything from culinary camps to yoga camps, even anadult band camp. Use your summer to learn something new (beyond just perfecting your margarita recipe, though that is important, too).

5. Get ready to skip town. Nothing will get you in summer mode quicker than blowing off work/school and daydreaming about beaches instead. Step outside your Holiday Inn bubble and peruse a site like or to find a unique place to stay (with a pool!) in a place that’s warmer than where you’re at.

6. Get your groove on. You’ll be out and about this summer and you’ll need some tunes to keep things rockin’.  Check out Havakk’s new, portable Bluetooth speaker: It’s sure to spark some attention and will definitely help to make this summer memorable.